Lightweight fire pit

Fire pit and Steve’s tent at Yew Tree Farm Nr Alfreton (Nov 21).

Last weekend while camping at Yew Tree Farm near Alfreton I finally got to use my lightweight foldable fire pit that I was given last Christmas.

It worked really well and did as expected, holding a fair bit of weight in logs.
It stood well with the logs on and was very stable. It didn’t feel like it was about to fall over at any point, even when moving the burning logs about when adding more.
The only downside I found was that it burned wood quicker than a ground fire. When burning well it causes an updraft through the mesh which of course causes the wood to burn faster meaning you get through wood rather quickly.

As you can see from the two pictures below, it separates and rolls up into a bag which is the size of a 2 pint milk bottle.

These can currently be found online via sites like Amazon at around the £15 mark.

Posted by Rich Forrest

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