Meets Programme Mar-Sept 2024

For further information about any of these ALC events please email

Friday 29 March Hertford CCC site (3 nights).

Friday 19 April Bellingham CCC site (2 nights).

Friday 3 May Cycle Touring Festival (not an ALC Meet but many of us do attend)

Friday 17 May Kingsbury CCC site (2 nights) Our AGM is held this weekend.

Friday 14 June Clitheroe CCC site (2 nights).

Friday 21 June York Cycle Rally (not an ALC Meet but many of us do attend this Rally).

Friday 12 July Chertsey CCC site (2 nights)

Friday 2 August Blackmore CCC site (3 nights). Birthday Meet (Coffee Morning 3 Aug open to non-camping members).

Friday 16 August CCC Torchlight Festival at Walesby (3 nights) Not an ALC meet but we can have a section area if we have enough campers.

Friday 6 September Crowborough CCC site (2 nights)

Friday 21 September Nottingham CCC site (2 nights)

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