Lighten the Load (C+CC magazine, March 2023, p20-21)

If you haven’t read the Club magazine for March yet, you’ll want to take a look at pages 20-21. Last December at our Hertford Meet we were delighted to have a visit from Rosie Clack-Walsh, the Club’s new Community Editor. Rosie was interested in the kit we use to stay warm and dry in the winter months, both things that we’ve purchased and things we’ve made at home – including items made by re-purposing things designed for other purposes (my aunt Isabel would have been tickled pink to see that her cast off knitting needles have featured in a magazine!). The weather was fabulous the day we spent with Rosie – within hours we were under heavy snow, but that’s another story…

Home-made windbreak made from knitting needles and left over fabric – worked a treat at Knavesmire (York cycle rally) where it seems to be permanently windy!

Susan McGrath

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