Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you have to be a cycle-camper, backpacker or ultra lightweight to join the ALC? 
A:  Absolutely not!  Although most of our members do join because of their interest in cycle camping or backpacking, many of us love camping in all its forms and also have larger tents or even the odd campervan.  We try to accommodate car campers at all of our Meets, though in the Winter months we usually have to restrict our events to small tents only and no cars are allowed on the grass.

Q:  How small does my tent have to be?
A:  The ALC constitution used to define a lightweight tent by height and weight, but we have recently changed that to allow more flexibility, and now define a lightweight tent as one that is ‘easily transportable’.  The pictures on this website show the variety of tents our members use.  If you are not sure about your tent – just email us at newsfromthealc@gmail.com

Q:  I don’t have my own sanitation.  Can I come to your meets?
A:  ALC Meets nearly always take place on CCC sites so there is no need to bring your own sanitation.  However, if you wish to bring their own sanitation that’s fine, so long as you meet any CCC requirements.

Q:  How do I book a place and pay my meet fees?
A:  We have an online booking system and Meets are usually available to book around 3 months before the event.  Fees are payable in advance by BACS into the ALC bank account.
You don’t have to be an ALC member to attend a Meet, but you do have to be a CCC member.

Q:  How do I join?
A:  In order to join the ALC you must first be a member of the Camping & Caravanning Club.  You can find details here.

Q:  I am a member of the Camping & Caravanning Club but not a member of the ALC.  Can I come to your meets?
A:  You will be very welcome to come along to one of our Meets to try us out.  However, if you are camping in anything other than a lightweight tent it is essential that you first contact us because at some of our Meets we only have backpacker-style pitches available.  Enquiries about any Meet can be made to newsfromthealc@gmail.com

Q:  Where in the country are ALC Meets held?
A:  We aim to hold events across the UK to allow as many of our members as possible to camp with us. However, we can only book Meets in places where we have a member able to act as Meet Steward, which can restrict our options. In practice this means that they are mostly in England, particularly the CCC Northern, Central, East Anglia and South East regions. We constantly seek opportunities to expand this and enquiries from potential Stewards are always welcome.