Lightweight fire pit

Fire pit and Steve’s tent at Yew Tree Farm Nr Alfreton (Nov 21).

Last weekend while camping at Yew Tree Farm near Alfreton I finally got to use my lightweight foldable fire pit that I was given last Christmas.

It worked really well and did as expected, holding a fair bit of weight in logs.
It stood well with the logs on and was very stable. It didn’t feel like it was about to fall over at any point, even when moving the burning logs about when adding more.

The only downside I found was that it burned wood quicker than a ground fire. When burning well it causes an updraft through the mesh which of course causes the wood to burn faster meaning you get through wood rather quickly.

As you can see from the two pictures below, it separates and rolls up into a bag which is the size of a 2ltr milk bottle.

These can currently be found online via sites like Amazon at around the £15 mark.

Posted by Rich Forrest

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It doesn’t need saying really but this year has been a bit of an odd one for all.

Meets started for us lightweight campers in June with a week in Keswick and Barnard Castle as that was when the club started opening up facilities for campers to use.
HQ did open some sites before June but only if you had your own sanitation. As a lightweight section members don’t usually carry their own toilet so we had to wait a while.

This year there has also been a limited amount of pitches available for us to book, with international travel being disrupted there has been more vans and campers wanting to book in at the sites meaning we have not been able to get more pitches than we first booked.
I can see it being the same at next years meets, where I have been able to book into club sites.

Hopefully I will be able to publish the details of next years meets soon.
There are only a couple more locations to sort out.
The same as the last few years we plan to have one meet a month.

Do keep an eye out on our Facebook group, members can post on there if they are camping and would like others to join them.

By Rich Forrest

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ALC Annual General Meeting

Association of Lightweight Campers AGM

Saturday 15th May 2021 at 2.30pm

The AGM will be held ONLINE via ZOOM.

To attend the AGM please send an email to the Secretary at

Please include your name, and Camping and Caravanning Club membership number.

A link for joining the AGM will be sent to you via email on 14th May

AGM Notice

The AGM will be held virtually via ZOOM

On Saturday 15th May 2021 commencing at 2.30pm

Notices of any motions must reach the Secretary by 24th April 2021.

Nominations for election to fill the 3 vacancies on the Council must reach the Secretary on the correct form by 24th April 2021.

A copy of the Agenda including Council Nominations and any Notice of Motion will be sent on request after close of nominations.

Any such request must reach the Secretary:

Mary Searle, 20 Combe Rise, Sands, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 4JE


By email:

The AGM Agenda, Nomination form and other AGM documents will be available to download from the members section of this website.

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Meets update

Again as expected, the Easter and the AGM meet have been cancelled.

We will have to wait for confirmation (Gov and Club) on the June meet to see if it can go ahead.

The Keswick site may be open but will depend on whether they are allowed to have the shared facilities blocks open also.

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March Meet Cancelled.

As somewhat expected, our 1st meet at Wolverley has had to be cancelled due to ongoing Covid19 restrictions.

We wait to see whether or next meets can go ahead but it’s likely that Easter will be a definite non-event and possibly that the May AGM meet will go the same way.

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Upcoming meets updated.

Firstly… Happy New Year to all our members, hope you had a good one (although a bit quieter than usual!)

The meets list for 2021 has been finalised. A bit later than usual due to playing catch-up after the lockdown.

Hopefully we will be able to get out camping again soon.
Obviously some of these meets may still not go ahead due to site closures and the current Covid crisis.

We will update them and add more details as we know more.

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Update Sept 20

As you all know there’s not a lot been happening this year due to the Covid19 outbreak.
All group meets and THS’s had been cancelled and although some sites have started to open again only a few have facilities allowing us lightweight campers without own sanitation to camp.

Although some of us have been fortunate (or not!) to have been able to work throughout this, Many of our members have been and are still self isolating.

Next years meets are in the process of being planned, hopefully we will get back to some sort of “normality” when official meets start again in March.

Again due to not much happening this year the Bulletin has been a bit short of content. If you have anything that could be included (tour reports, old camping trips etc) our editor would be very pleased to receive it.

Again, if you plan to go camping and want some company you are welcome to post on our Facebook group page and someone may decide to join you.

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Annual General Meeting and meet weekend cancelled.

As well as the Easter meet this coming weekend (which was due to be held at Cheddar Camping and Caravanning club site) we have also had to cancel the AGM and camping meet at Kingsbury C+CC site over the weekend 15th -17th of May.

We are waiting for confirmation but at the moment it also looks likely that the early June meet at Keswick will be the same.

We will post more information as and when we hear from HQ. Hopefully we wont have to cancel too many of the meets.

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All meets cancelled.

Re the coronavirus situation,
The executive committee at HQ have taken the decision to cancel all meets, THS’s and any AGM meetings until further notice.

We will update the meets list and our AGM date as and when we find out more details.

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Bulletin Distribution.

The current edition of the Bulletin mag has been posted and sent to those who wish to have digital copies.

There seems to be an issue with certain email domains (btinternet, freeserve) and some old defunct email addresses like (

If you haven’t recieved a copy please update your contact details with C+CC HQ as we download the details for distribution from there.

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