ALC Zoom Meets

If you have zoom on your computer and fancy a chat, we are going to be holding a few over the year on various topics.

More info can be found here.

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Meets Programme Mar-Sept 2024

For further information about any of these ALC events please email

Friday 29 March Hertford CCC site (3 nights).

Friday 19 April Bellingham CCC site (2 nights).

Friday 3 May Cycle Touring Festival (not an ALC Meet but many of us do attend)

Friday 17 May Kingsbury CCC site (2 nights) Our AGM is held this weekend.

Friday 14 June Clitheroe CCC site (2 nights).

Friday 21 June York Cycle Rally (not an ALC Meet but many of us do attend this Rally).

Friday 12 July Chertsey CCC site (2 nights)

Friday 2 August Blackmore CCC site (3 nights). Birthday Meet (Coffee Morning 3 Aug open to non-camping members).

Friday 16 August CCC Torchlight Festival at Walesby (3 nights) Not an ALC meet but we can have a section area if we have enough campers.

Friday 6 September Crowborough CCC site (2 nights)

Friday 21 September Nottingham CCC site (2 nights)

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Winter Meets

ALC Zoom event – Tues 24 Oct at 6pm

If you are already an all-year camper, this is an opportunity to share your own ideas and experience. And if you’ve never yet ventured out in the colder months it’s a chance to find out how to prepare and what to expect. Email for more info or to book a place.

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Watlington tarp setups

Our Watlington meet at Whitemark Farm this year had fewer campers than usual with 13 tents, 8 of these arriving by bicycle.

There was the usual assortment of tarps also.


Martin and Joanne
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Lighten the Load (C+CC magazine, March 2023, p20-21)

If you haven’t read the Club magazine for March yet, you’ll want to take a look at pages 20-21. Last December at our Hertford Meet we were delighted to have a visit from Rosie Clack-Walsh, the Club’s new Community Editor. Rosie was interested in the kit we use to stay warm and dry in the winter months, both things that we’ve purchased and things we’ve made at home – including items made by re-purposing things designed for other purposes (my aunt Isabel would have been tickled pink to see that her cast off knitting needles have featured in a magazine!). The weather was fabulous the day we spent with Rosie – within hours we were under heavy snow, but that’s another story…

Home-made windbreak made from knitting needles and left over fabric – worked a treat at Knavesmire (York cycle rally) where it seems to be permanently windy!

Susan McGrath

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Feb E-News

E-News updates are sent to members that have their emails set up within the club database.
If you do not receive them and would like to please update your email through the club website or contact Susan on

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2023 meet dates

The dates for the upcoming years camping meets are below.
Our meets are for people who like to camp in smaller tents.
Due to limited space booked, please email if you would like to come along.

More info and fees on our upcoming meets page.

Mar Fri 10/03/23 2 nights Devises C+CC site

Apr Fri 07/04/23 4 nights Hayfield C+CC site Easter Meet

May Fri 19/05/23 3 nights Kingsbury C+CC site AGM meet

Jun Fri 02/06/23 3 nights Canterbury C+CC site

Jul Fri 07/07/23 3 nights Scarborough C+CC site

Aug Thu 03/08/23 5 nights Watlington White Mark Farm Birthday meet

Sep Fri 15/09/23 2 nights Wolverley C+CC site

Oct Fri 06/10/23 2 nights Cambridge C+CC site

Some of us also like to camp in the colder months of the year, if you fancy joining us on some of the early and later months camping let us know and we will keep you informed of extra meets we add on.

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Lightweight fire pit

Fire pit and Steve’s tent at Yew Tree Farm Nr Alfreton (Nov 21).

Last weekend while camping at Yew Tree Farm near Alfreton I finally got to use my lightweight foldable fire pit that I was given last Christmas.

It worked really well and did as expected, holding a fair bit of weight in logs.
It stood well with the logs on and was very stable. It didn’t feel like it was about to fall over at any point, even when moving the burning logs about when adding more.
The only downside I found was that it burned wood quicker than a ground fire. When burning well it causes an updraft through the mesh which of course causes the wood to burn faster meaning you get through wood rather quickly.

As you can see from the two pictures below, it separates and rolls up into a bag which is the size of a 2 pint milk bottle.

These can currently be found online via sites like Amazon at around the £15 mark.

Posted by Rich Forrest

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Other Special Interest Sections along with the Regional and District Associations

Within the Camping and Caravanning Club there are many Special Interest Sections and DA’s.
Below is a list of their websites.

Name of Special Interest SectionWeb Address
Association of Lightweight
British Caravanners’
Bedfordshire Area
Cornwall Area
Eastern Counties South
East Riding
Kent Area
London and Thames Valley
Midland Area
Norfolk Area
Scotland Area
Southern & Wessex
Tyne Tees Area
West Midlands
Folk Dance and Song
Folk Dance & Song Group – Home
Folk Dance & Song Group –
Folk Dance & Song Group – North
Folk Dance & Song Group – North
Folk Dance & Song Group – Ridings
Folk Dance & Song Group – South West
Folk Dance & Song Group – Wessex
Motor Caravan
Motor Caravan Section – East Midlands
Motor Caravan Section – Northern
Motor Caravan Section – Northern Ireland
Motor Caravan Section – North West
Mountain Activity
Mountain Activity Section – Northern 
Trailer Tent and Folding Camper
South West Trailer Tent and Folding Camper
Name of DAWeb Address
Cambrian & Wyvern
East Worcestershire
South Wales 
West Wales
Worcestershire & Herefordshire
Central Counties
North Warwickshire
South Lincolnshire
Trent Valley
West Midlands
Bucks, Herts & Middx
Hertfordshire and North London
Aylesbury Vale 
East Essex
Norfolk & Suffolk
South Suffolk DA
West Essex
North Central
North Staffordshire
North Wales
North East
North West
Central Lancs
Lancashire & Cheshire
Liverpool & South West Lancs 
North East Lancashire
North East Cheshire
Roch Valley
South Lancs
Edinburgh & East Scotland
Fife DA 
Glasgow & West Scotland
Grampian & North Scotland
Perth & Angus
Renfrew and South West Scotland
South Eastern Region
East Kent
East Sussex
South West
Avon (Bristol)
Wiltshire DA – temporarily
New Forest
Isle of Wight
Royal County of Berkshire
West Sussex
Central Yorkshire
East Yorkshire 
Huddersfield & Spen
Lindum DA – currently down for maintenance
South Yorkshire
Northern Ireland Region
Northern Ireland DANorthern Ireland DA Facebook
County Down
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A Trip without my tent…by Rita Ozolins

An article sent in by one of our members of her recent holiday in Austria.



….visiting Austria…Good news, there are campsites.

My mum was Austrian, so I’ve visited Upper Austria and the area around Linz on the Danube many times as a child and adult.

In May this year I visited my cousin and her husband, (Annie and Wolfgang) who now live in Gmunden, Upper Austria. This small town is in the Austrian Lake District, Salzgammergut, close to Salzburg.

I travelled to Salzburg by plane, although this would also have been possible by rail. I took a train from Salzburg to Attnang-Puchheim (on the main Salzburg to Vienna line). There is a train connection from Attnang-Puchheim to Gmunden.

Gmunden is a tourist and Spa town on the lake Traunsee, one of more than ten lakes in Salzkammergut, It is stunning and it feels as if you are in a picture book framed by mountains The Gmunden area has two campsites, both on the west hand side of Traunsee, at ‘Camping Traunsee’, in Altmünster and ‘Strand Camping’ at Traunkirchen. The other site further north is for ‘Wohnwagen’ Caravans.

I stayed on the East side of the lake where there is a narrow road which runs for 3 miles following the lake and ends in a car park with a lakeside footpath leading into the forest. There is a pub (Gasthaus) near the car park.

Gmunden is popular with skiers, walkers, cyclists and water sports enthusiasts. Traunsee (25 square km). has several sailing clubs around the lake, and there are other small towns and villages along the shores of the lake.

I stayed in Gmunden for four days, during my stay of eight days altogether. I visited Vienna and Linz, with a morning and an evening in Salzburg.

This was the first time I’d stayed in Annie and Wolfgang’s Gmunden house, as it has been extended by adding an extra floor. This has taken several years of planning and building work. When I last visited five years ago, the floors were being made with under floor heating, a must as the winters are so cold for so long. Some of the work has been done by family and friends.

Sampling life in Gmunden

My alarm was set for 7.00 am or earlier during my holiday as there was so much to fit in. As you can imagine, it was the kind of holiday where you need another holiday afterwards. Luckily for me, I’d planned a camping trip soon afterwards, so was prepared. In Austria, the working hours normally start at 8.00 am or earlier so that people can get home sooner, by 3.30 to enjoy the sun or more likely work at their gardens. Sara works part time, 3 days a week, but her days can start at 7.45 am, in Linz which is over an hour’s drive away. On one of her workdays, I went along with her to and met up with some friends who live close to Linz.

As there was a national holiday during my stay, along with friends, we had a special holiday breakfast outside the Restaurant Brandl next to the shores of Traunsee. In Austria, these days are celebrated with a glasses of champagne, wine or beer along with your breakfast of several courses.

In the Gmunden district, there was a special cider making fortnight in the local farms. The cider is completely different from the British drink. The farmhouse cider is called ‘Most’ and I’ve tried it before, made by the farmers themselves. Each farm has its individual type. Some farmhouses open up a restaurant in a marquee and serve their own ‘Most’ plus other local produce. We went along to one of these evenings, a real treat.

I was sad to note that my favourite cake shop in Gmunden has closed down. In Austria, instead of cream cakes, many sweet dishes are made with ‘ Topfen’ (Quark). This is a low fat cheese made with a healthy culture. It’s starting to be possible to find Quark in British supermarkets. A favourite Austrian dish is ‘Topfen Strudel’ which Annie knows I love, so she made one whilst I was staying,

I had days out walking by lakes and took a ski lift up to a mountain path with fantastic views. The most challenging walk though was round the back of the house up the steep slopes to feed the cows, which belong to the family. The views from the top were wonderful, but how would I get down?

The house rests on the slopes of the mountain and there are fabulous view of Traunsee and the mountains.

During my visit, one of the latest projects took shape. Instead of hiring a specialist and expensive mowing machine to cut the grass on the very steep part of their ground, there was a return to the traditional ways of ‘sheep acting as nature’s grass mowers’.

On a few evenings, the electric fence was put up around part of the meadow. On the next evening we all went (with a trailer) to fetch the four sheep from a nearby farm. Getting the animals from the trailer to the field was interesting. Once the boldest sheep saw the juicy grass put out in the field for them, he (or her) ventured out, followed by the others.

The big question was ‘which of the sheep should be named Shaun?’ Shaun the Sheep is popular in Austria too. Our favourite pastime over the next few days was using the binoculars to do some sheep watching from the kitchen window. Margarita was making sure they were drinking their water and licking their salt stone. The sheep have been getting treats of bread.

It was a busy week as the Sailing Club needed volunteers for an event they were planning and there was an evening meeting. A few weeks after my visit the boat was taken by trailer to be moored at Traunsee marina.

The next project was ‘painting the hen coop’. That job has now been finished and the hens have a new home in the garden.

The three cows we visited up the slope are also a part of the ‘smallholding’, and these belong to the other part of the family living in the lower, original part of the house. This means that all the family can take turns in feeding the animals.

In similar way to other more rural countries, the family house is often made larger so that the different generations can share and live together. In Gmunden, as the land is steep, it’s not possible to extend outwards. Instead, the roof was removed and extra space was added to make a three storey house. Each part occupied by a different part of the family. The council planning permission took over a year to be approved.

Annie explained that the sailing club is going to mount a petition to the council because a new tourist attraction has been built at the top of the new Gmunden ski lift. However, the car park is still the same size. There will be a big problem for parking for the sailing club which relies on boat owners being able to park their cars. Yes, we’ve heard it all before……Gmunden, although appearing like a fairytale place, can be just as frustrating as Colchester at times!

I’ve seen the photos over the years and the trip in May this year meant I could see the reality of the big changes to daily life in the Gmunden house and family.




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