Hazelann Willson


As some of you know, Hazel-Ann passed away peacefully last week having spent sometime in the care of Hospiscare, Exeter.

Members of a small section such as our ALC are encouraged to play a part (however small)
in the success of our various activities. For some this is just by joining in, but for a select few such as Hazel-Ann the support, involvement and dedication are outstanding.

She joined the section as a solo lightweight camper and her organising ability, honed by her business background, was soon in evidence. She needed little persuasion to join our
Committee in 1998 and since then has provided a very effective service for the last twenty
years in a number of different roles.
Her distinctive headgear (clearly seen on the front cover of the Club magazine in July 2001) soon earned her the nickname of Hazel the Hat which has stuck for evermore!

This may not appear relevant but it made sure she stood out from the crowd which was essential when she took on the role of Section PRO for seven years from 2006 to 2013.

In 2011 she took on the additional role of Editor of our Section magazine, the “Bulletin”
which she has held continuously since then. She also introduced a colour version to all
members willing to receive it electronically while retaining our normal printed non-colour
version for those unwilling or unable to use the newer technology. That helped to earn a
“Highly Recommended” in the 2014 Burnham Trophy awards. Unfortunately, in April of this year we were told that Hazel-Ann was too unwell to continue as Editor of our “Bulletin” but would help out as long as she was able. This really highlights her dedication to the Section despite her own problems.

As we moved with the times she also took on the role of Webmaster in 2012 and developed
our member website with updated information and pictures (another talent) until she
handed over that role after four years.

Always keen to be involved with other aspects of the section, she acted as Minutes
Secretary for a year and for two years as Deputy Advisory Officer to National Council until
she moved home. Once settled in she volunteered to be our representative on the South
West Region, an area which previously we had difficulties in covering.
All of the above gives a feel for the roles, involvement and dedication of a talented lady in
her selfless service to the Section, but this is just a limited view. Her work for us has
contributed in so many ways to improving the Section and how it operates, and that in turn has been of great benefit to our Members. We believe that the innovation and creativity described above has been long lasting in its effect on our service to our members.

What is difficult to put in words is the personality, an excellent sense of humour, ability to put a clear and strong case for much needed change, clarity in presentation, hardworking, dedicated, helpful, kind hearted and above all a real friend to all.

The section sends their condolences and best wishes to Graham and the family.

Guy Jackson.

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