Watlington June 18

Rich’s 50th Birthday Meet, June 7th – 11th (4 nights).

To celebrate my 50th birthday I decided to book the rally field at Whitemark Farm in Watlington for an unofficial meet. It was well attended by family and friends from the ALC and a cycle forum I use regularly.

As we had to bring a fair bit of stuff with us we decided to use the car this time (I did manage to get the bike on there).

On arrival we found this sign already up so we didn’t have to make one ourselves 🙂

Others started arriving soon after and the field started to fill up.

On the Friday, Saturday and Sunday a fire was lit as I had got a local wood supplier to bring a bag of logs over. On Friday and Saturday we also had a communal barbecue alongside the fire.

A few of us that had bikes rode out to Thame for coffee on the Saturday

Some left on the Sunday and the rest of us on the Monday.

It was a good weekend with friends and beat hands down hiring the usual hall hiring for a 50th.

Hopefully the next Watlington weekend (Birthday meet, 1st weekend in August) has the same weather as there was comments that we should have a fire that weekend also.