Meet updates

Meet Updates

The meets list for 2019 is looking good so far. We are trying to get around the country a bit more and the rough areas are listed below.

Also I have created a map of meets showing where previous meets since 2014 have been (It will be updated with older meets as I go through old Bulletins). This also shows us the areas where we’ve not been to lately and where we need to plan future meets.

The map link is here but can also be found on the previous meets tab on the site menu.

2019 Meets List (sites info to be added when confirmed)

Jan 12th/13th – Blackmore C+CC site

Feb 9th/10th – ?

March 9th/10th- Cottage of content Alcester

April (Easter) 18th/19th/20th/21st/22nd – Niffany Campsite Skipton

May 10th/11th – AGM Kingsbury C+CC site

June 6th/7th/8th/9th – North East?

June 21st/22nd/23rd – York Cycle Rally (Unofficial meet)

July 12th/13th – Derbyshire/Notts?

August 3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th – Watlington Birthday Meet (White Mark Farm)

August 23rd/24th/25th/26th – Mildenhall Cycle Rally (Unofficial meet)

Sept 19th/20th/21st/22nd/23rd – NFOL Shaftesbury

Oct 12th/13th – Bala C+CC site

Nov 16th/17th – Winchcombe C+CC site

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Hazelann Willson


As some of you know, Hazel-Ann passed away peacefully last week having spent sometime in the care of Hospiscare, Exeter.

Members of a small section such as our ALC are encouraged to play a part (however small)
in the success of our various activities. For some this is just by joining in, but for a select few such as Hazel-Ann the support, involvement and dedication are outstanding.

She joined the section as a solo lightweight camper and her organising ability, honed by her business background, was soon in evidence. She needed little persuasion to join our
Committee in 1998 and since then has provided a very effective service for the last twenty
years in a number of different roles.
Her distinctive headgear (clearly seen on the front cover of the Club magazine in July 2001) soon earned her the nickname of Hazel the Hat which has stuck for evermore!

This may not appear relevant but it made sure she stood out from the crowd which was essential when she took on the role of Section PRO for seven years from 2006 to 2013.

In 2011 she took on the additional role of Editor of our Section magazine, the “Bulletin”
which she has held continuously since then. She also introduced a colour version to all
members willing to receive it electronically while retaining our normal printed non-colour
version for those unwilling or unable to use the newer technology. That helped to earn a
“Highly Recommended” in the 2014 Burnham Trophy awards. Unfortunately, in April of this year we were told that Hazel-Ann was too unwell to continue as Editor of our “Bulletin” but would help out as long as she was able. This really highlights her dedication to the Section despite her own problems.

As we moved with the times she also took on the role of Webmaster in 2012 and developed
our member website with updated information and pictures (another talent) until she
handed over that role after four years.

Always keen to be involved with other aspects of the section, she acted as Minutes
Secretary for a year and for two years as Deputy Advisory Officer to National Council until
she moved home. Once settled in she volunteered to be our representative on the South
West Region, an area which previously we had difficulties in covering.
All of the above gives a feel for the roles, involvement and dedication of a talented lady in
her selfless service to the Section, but this is just a limited view. Her work for us has
contributed in so many ways to improving the Section and how it operates, and that in turn has been of great benefit to our Members. We believe that the innovation and creativity described above has been long lasting in its effect on our service to our members.

What is difficult to put in words is the personality, an excellent sense of humour, ability to put a clear and strong case for much needed change, clarity in presentation, hardworking, dedicated, helpful, kind hearted and above all a real friend to all.

The section sends their condolences and best wishes to Graham and the family.

Guy Jackson.

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Association of Lightweight Campers Annual General Meeting 19/5/18


The Association of Lightweight Campers are holding their

At 2.00 pm on Saturday 19th May 2018
At Aston & Cote Village Hall, Cote Road, Aston, OX18 2DU

Map Ref. 164/342030

The rules of the Club require a MINIMUM of 15 voting members to
attend before the meeting can proceed. Less than 15, then an
E.G.M. has to be arranged with the possibility the Section will
close. We currently have over 900 voting members but at the
2016, and 2017 AGM we only just reached the required 15.
Please make every effort to attend this year and support your
Council. The official meeting usually lasts less than an hour, but
there is plenty of time afterwards to meet the Council members
or socialise.
Notices of motions and nominations for Council must be sent to
Hon Sec, Mary Searle, 20 Combe Rise, High Wycombe, HP12 4JE

Camping is available from Friday 18th May behind the
Village Hall, and we have use of the hall for the weekend.

We camped there for our AGM in 2016 and were made very welcome.

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The Bulletin

Our editor has the unenviable task of trying to put together the club magazine, for you all to enjoy.

The section decided to reduce the amount of issues per year to try and help the issue but this month she has not had much sent in for inclusion so far.

Do you have any stories about the club or writeups from any meets you have been too?

Any contributions can be emailed to Hazel-Ann on the email editor @ lightweightcampers .org .uk (remove spaces)

No submission of material may mean the Bulletin has to cease to be made, which would be a sad thing.

Rich (Webmaster)

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2018 Meets list

Here is the list of the camping meets for this year
Full details, pitch fees etc to follow.

Upcoming Meets

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ALC logo update

Logo Update

We currently do not have a standardised logo that we can use on anything electronically. the one used here and on other websites is just a photo I took of the tablecloth we use at the AGM. We need one that we can use on all websites, all correspondence and any new merchandise we decide to get in the future.

Looking at previous versions of the old metal badges we have, there is a difference in the colours on all of them. Kim has copied the logo and created 2 versions of it (file on members download page). We need your input before we can start using it.

Have a look at the file and let me know which you prefer, the 1st or 2nd pictures. You can comment here, via the contacts page or email me


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Last meet of 2017

The last meet of our programme this year is at Canterbury C+CC site next weekend Friday 27/10/17 (2 nights).

Come and join us, take a walk around the shops for some early Christmas shopping or visit the cathedral. And camping at the great price of £6 per unit per night.

Canterbury Oct 17

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September meet

Coming up at the end of the month is our meet at the Sheriff Hutton camping and caravanning site in Yorkshire

Come and join us for the great price of only £6 per unit per night.

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Meet updates.

A couple of updates from the last 2 meets and the next 2 which are at Mildenhall and Sandringham C+CC site.

Watlington Birthday Meet July 17

Clitheroe Aug 17


Join us at The Mildenhall Cycle Rally at Sandringham Club site. Some of us will be cycling between the 2. If you are interested in joining us for a 5 day ride around some of East Anglia please contact me (see contacts page).

Mildenhall Cycle Rally (Unofficial Meet) Aug 17

Sandringham Sept 17

There others there is also the NFOL which this year is at Hickstead on the south coast.

NFOL Aug 17


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Birthday Meet at Watlington. 

Join us this weekend for our usually best attended meet of the year.

As usual we are at Whitemark Farm on the edge of the chilterns at Watlington. A great area for walking and cycling either into the hills or the flatter area towards Oxford. 

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