Update Sept 20

As you all know there’s not a lot been happening this year due to the Covid19 outbreak.
All group meets and THS’s had been cancelled and although some sites have started to open again only a few have facilities allowing us lightweight campers without own sanitation to camp.

Although some of us have been fortunate (or not!) to have been able to work throughout this, Many of our members have been and are still self isolating.

Next years meets are in the process of being planned, hopefully we will get back to some sort of “normality” when official meets start again in March.

Again due to not much happening this year the Bulletin has been a bit short of content. If you have anything that could be included (tour reports, old camping trips etc) our editor would be very pleased to receive it.

Again, if you plan to go camping and want some company you are welcome to post on our Facebook group page and someone may decide to join you.

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Annual General Meeting and meet weekend cancelled.

As well as the Easter meet this coming weekend (which was due to be held at Cheddar Camping and Caravanning club site) we have also had to cancel the AGM and camping meet at Kingsbury C+CC site over the weekend 15th -17th of May.

We are waiting for confirmation but at the moment it also looks likely that the early June meet at Keswick will be the same.

We will post more information as and when we hear from HQ. Hopefully we wont have to cancel too many of the meets.

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All meets cancelled.

Re the coronavirus situation,
The executive committee at HQ have taken the decision to cancel all meets, THS’s and any AGM meetings until further notice.

We will update the meets list and our AGM date as and when we find out more details.

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Bulletin Distribution.

The current edition of the Bulletin mag has been posted and sent to those who wish to have digital copies.

There seems to be an issue with certain email domains (btinternet, freeserve) and some old defunct email addresses like (tesco.net).

If you haven’t recieved a copy please update your contact details with C+CC HQ as we download the details for distribution from there.

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2020 Meets

Dates for our 2020 camping season have been added to the “Upcoming meets” tab above.

Full site, fee and extra meet details to be added once confirmed by HQ.

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Conkers C+CC site meet Friday 27th Sept (2 nights)

Photo © Camping and Caravanning Club

Join us for our meet at the end of Sept in the heart of the National Forest at Conkers Camping and Caravanning site.

There are plenty of walking and cycling opportunities direct from the campsite including the Ashby World Heritage Trail – a three and a half mile route following the old Ashby and Nuneaton Joint Railway.

The fees for camping is £6 per tent per night, great savings on the usual site rates.

If you plan to join us please email me at sites@lightweightcampers.org.uk
I need to let the site know asap of names and numbers that are planning to camp.

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Beadnell Bay Meet, 13/6/19 – 17/6/19

Picture from C+CC website (Link below)

The third weekend in June take us north again up to Northumberland at the Camping and Caravanning Club site at Beadnell Bay.
Please note this meet is over 4 nights, starting on the Thursday.
The cost to camp is at the rally rate of only £6 per unit per night.

There’s lots to see in the surrounding area including Bamburgh and Alnwick Castle and Holy Island of Lindisfarne.
If you are planning to cross the causeway the times for safe crossings are

Date Safe to crossUnsafe to crossSafe to crossUnsafe to cross
Thu1302:45 until 10:2010:20 until 15:2015:20 until 22:5522:55 until 03:55 (Fri)
Fri1403:55 until 11:1511:15 until 16:3016:30 until 23:4523:45 until 05:00 (Sat)
Sat1505:00 until 12:0012:00 until 17:3017:30 until 00:25 (Sun)00:25 (Sun) until 06:00 (Sun)
Sun1606:00 until 12:4512:45 until 18:3018:30 until 01:05 (Mon)01:05 (Mon) until 06:50 (Mon)
Mon1706:50 until 13:3013:30 until 19:2019:20 until 01:50 (Tue)01:50 (Tue) until 07:35 (Tue)

Booking is essential so we can inform the site of planned numbers camping.
To book email Rich Forrest sites@lightweightcampers.org.uk with your planned arrival date and number of nights staying.

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AGM meet Kingsbury 10/5/19

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Easter Meet 18th – 22nd April

Picture from Niffany Farm website

This year our Easter meet will be at Niffany Farm Campsite
The site is a working farm within walking distance
(1.4 miles) of Skipton town center next to the Leeds Liverpool canal.

The area is great for walking and cycling the Aire Valley and the Yorkshire Dales.
The site has toilets and showers (50p coin), a games room and a bar.

The camping fees vary depending on the size of the tent
Very Small -1 man tent £5
Small – 2/3 man tent £10
Medium – 4/5 man tent £15
Large – 6/8 man tent £20
Min 2 night Bank holidays

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Other Special Interest Sections along with the Regional and District Associations

Within the Camping and Caravanning Club there are many Special Interest Sections and DA’s.
Below is a list of their websites.

Name of Special Interest SectionWeb Address
Association of Lightweight Camperswww.lightweightcampers.org.uk
Boating Groupwww.boatinggroup.weebly.com
British Caravanners’ Clubwww.britishcaravannersclub.co.uk
Bedfordshire Area BCCwww.bedsbcc.co.uk
Cheshire BCCwww.britishcaravannersclub.co.uk/cheshire
Cornwall Area BCCwww.cornwallbcc.co.uk
Derbyshire BCCwww.derbyshirebcc.co.uk
Eastern Counties South BCCwww.bccecs.co.uk
East Riding BCCerbcc.org.uk
Kent Area BCCwww.bcckent.co.uk
Lincolnshire BCCwww.britishcaravannersclub.co.uk/Lincolnshire
London and Thames Valley BCCwww.londonthamesvalleyandwiltshirebcc.org.uk
Midland Area BCCwww.midlandsbcc.co.uk
Norfolk Area BCCwww.britishcaravannersclub.co.uk/norfolk
Ribblesdale BCCwww.ribblesdalebcc.org.uk
Scotland Area BCCwww.bcc-scotland.org.uk
Southern & Wessex BCCwww.southernandwessexbcc.org.uk
Tyne Tees Area BCCwww.tyneteesbcc.co.uk
West Midlands BCCwww.britishcaravannersclub.co.uk/westmids
Canoe-Camping Clubwww.canoecampingclub.co.uk
Folk Dance and Song Groupwww.folkgroup.org.uk
Folk Dance & Song Group – Home Countieswww.hcfdsg.org.uk
Folk Dance & Song Group – Midlandswww.midlandfolkgroup.co.uk
Folk Dance & Song Group – North Centralwww.ncfolkgroup.org.uk
Folk Dance & Song Group – North Westwww.folkgroup.org.uk/northwest
Folk Dance & Song Group – Ridings Sectionwww.theridingsfolk.org.uk
Folk Dance & Song Group – South West www.swfolk.org.uk
Folk Dance & Song Group – Wessex Sectionwww.wessexfdsg.org
Motor Caravan Sectionwww.waggonerstalk.co.uk
Motor Caravan Section – East Midlands Areawww.eastmidlandsmcs.co.uk
Motor Caravan Section – Northern Areawww.mcs-northernarea.co.uk
Motor Caravan Section – Northern Ireland Areawww.mcs-niarea.org.uk
Motor Caravan Section – North West Areanorthwestareamotorcaravansection.co.uk
Mountain Activity Sectionwww.mountainactivitysection.org.uk
Mountain Activity Section – Northern
Photographic Groupwww.photogroup.co.uk
Trailer Tent and Folding Camper Groupwww.ttfcg.co.uk
South West Trailer Tent and Folding Camper Groupwww.swttfcg.co.uk
Name of DAWeb Address
Cambrian & Wyvern Regionwww.cambrianandwyvern.org
Dyfed DAwww.dyfedda.org.uk
East Worcestershire DAwww.eastworcsda.co.uk
Gloucestershire DAwww.glosda.org
Gwent DAwww.gwentda.co.uk
South Wales DAwww.southwalesda.org.uk 
West Wales DAwww.westwalesda.com
Worcestershire & Herefordshire DAwww.whda.org.uk
Central Counties Regionwww.centralcountiesregion.co.uk
Birmingham DAwww.birminghamda.org.uk
Coventry DAwww.coventryda.co.uk
Leicestershire DAwww.leicsda.com
North Warwickshire DAwww.nwda.cc
Northamptonshire DAwww.northantsda.co.uk
Nottinghamshire DAwww.nottsda.co.uk
South Lincolnshire DAwww.southlincsda.org
Trent Valley DAwww.tvda.co.uk
West Midlands DAwww.westmidsda.org
Chiltern Regionwww.chilternregion.co.uk
Bedfordshire DAwww.bedsda.co.uk
Bucks, Herts & Middx DAwww.bhmda.org
Hertfordshire and North London DAwww.hertsandnorthlondonda.co.uk
Oxfordshire DAwww.oxonda.co.uk 
Aylesbury Vale DAwww.avda.co.uk 
Eastern Regionwww.easternregion.co.uk
East Essex DAwww.eeda.co.uk
Fenland DAwww.fenlandda.co.uk
Norfolk & Suffolk DAwww.norfolkandsuffolkda.co.uk
South Suffolk DA   www.southsuffolkda.org.uk
West Essex DAwww.westessexda.co.uk
North Central Regionwww.northcentralregion.co.uk
Chase DAwww.chase-da.co.uk
Chesterfield DAwww.chesterfieldda.co.uk
Derbyshire DAwww.derbyshireda.com
North Staffordshire DAwww.northstaffsda.com
North Wales DAwww.northwalesda.co.uk
Shropshire DAwww.shropshireda.co.uk
Staffordshire DAwww.staffordshireda.co.uk
North East Regionwww.neregion.org.uk
Durham DAwww.durhamda.co.uk
Northumbrian DAwww.northumbrianda.co.uk
Teesside DAwww.teessideda.co.uk
North West Regionwww.northwestregion.co.uk
Central Lancs DAwww.clda.co.uk
Lancashire & Cheshire DAwww.lancsandchesda.co.uk
Lakeland DAwww.lakelandda.co.uk
Liverpool & South West Lancs DAwww.lswlda.co.uk 
North East Lancashire DAwww.nelda.co.uk
North East Cheshire DAwww.necda.co.uk
Roch Valley DAwww.rvda.info
South Lancs DAwww.slda.org.uk
Scottish Regionwww.scottishregion.co.uk
Edinburgh & East Scotland DAwww.edinesda.co.uk
Fife DA
Glasgow & West Scotland DAwww.gwsda.co.uk
Grampian & North Scotland DAwww.grampianda.com
Perth & Angus DAwww.perthandangusda.co.uk
Renfrew and South West Scotland DAwww.rswsda.co.uk
South Eastern Region www.southeasternregion.co.uk
East Kent DAwww.eastkentda.co.uk
East Sussex DAwww.eastsussexda.co.uk
Surrey DAwww.surreyda.co.uk
South West Regionwww.southwestregion.co.uk
Avon (Bristol) DAwww.avonda.co.uk
Cornwall DAwww.cornwallda.co.uk 
Devon DAwww.devonda.co.uk
Dorset DAwww.dorsetda.com
Somerset DAwww.somersetda.co.uk
Tamar DAwww.tamarda.co.uk
Wiltshire DA – temporarily unavailablewww.wiltsda.co.uk
New Forest DAwww.newforestda.com
Southern Regionwww.southernregionccc.co.uk
Hampshire DAwww.hampshireda.co.uk
Isle of Wight DAiowda2.wix.com/iowda
Royal County of Berkshire DAwww.rcbdaccc.co.uk
Solent DAwww.solentda.org.uk
Loddon DAwww.loddonda.co.uk
Waterside DAwww.watersidedaccc.co.uk
West Sussex DAwww.westsussexda.com
Yorkshire Regionwww.yorkshireregion.co.uk
Central Yorkshire DAwww.centralyorkshireda.co.uk
East Yorkshire DAwww.eastyorkshireda.co.uk 
Huddersfield & Spen DAwww.huddersfield-da.co.uk
Leeds DAwww.leedsda.org
Lindum DA – currently down for maintenance
Sheffield DAwww.sheffield-da.org.uk
South Yorkshire DAwww.southyorkshireda.co.uk
Yorkshire DAwww.yorkshireda.co.uk
Northern Ireland Region
Northern Ireland DANorthern Ireland DA Facebook
County Down DAwww.cdda.club
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